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Making the most of your time

Making time for yourself is a problem we all face on a daily basis. I like to spend time alone at my computer and have become fascinated by methods to make money online.

I started off with online surveys and was thrilled to be able to start making a few quid a month from simply answering questions. The money at the time was around £50 a month and I was thrilled with that. Problem was it was taking me a ridiculous amount of time to earn that money. The hourly rate was pretty rubbish.

I kept googling looking for more easy ways to make money but it looked like I was stuck with surveys. That was until one day I read on a forum about matched betting.

This was a game changing moment and one I wasn’t going to let pass by. I started reading more and more about it and finally took the plunge and got involved by signing up with Oddsmonkey. 

I haven’t looked back from this moment.

In my first month there I made £800 profit. It was mind blowing. That was as much as I made from my day job. I had just doubled my wage. It was a lot more highly paying by the hour as well. Making me around £40 for every hour invested.

Doubling my wage overnight was a sensational moment for me. I suddenly had enough extra money to be comfortable and be able to buy some extra goodies every month. Not only that but it inspired me to get involved with other ways to make money online and now I earn a decent living as an affiliate marketer.

None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t earned some money from surveys so I will never forget that. However the matched betting was a huge game changer for me and it’s something I continue to do to this day. I now make around £1000 a month from matched betting now that I am quite proficient at it and know where to focus my time. This is just one area of my online earnings so I can say that there is money to be made online.

Affiliate marketing is hard work and very competitive. Everyone is going after the same thing so in order to get the sales it takes a lot of work. Matched betting though is completely down to you. There is no competition so there is nothing stopping you from making the same amount of money I do. You simply have to get involved.